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Piketty’s Capital

Piketty’s Capital: An Economist’s Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage “Booksellers have been unable to keep Capital on their shelves. (The physical version is vastly more popular than the Kindle edition; people apparently prefer to haul around the 700-page tome, or maybe leave it on...

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Public Sociology

Public Sociologies Symposium from Boston College

Public Sociologies: A Symposium from Boston College which combines theory and practice of public sociology http://burawoy.berkeley.edu/PS/Social%20Problems.pdf

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Social and Economic Inequalities

Sociologists on Income Inequalities

“Children who grow up in households with lower incomes are less likely to have good health care, low stress, learning-centered preschools, good elementary and secondary schools, extracurricular activities that promote...

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Gender and Human Rights

The Global Gender Report 2013

The global gender Report 2013 benchmarks national gender gaps of 136 countries on economic, political, education and health based criteria. This year’s findings show that Iceland continues to be at...

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Social Justice & Democratization

anabel hernndez’s Los Senores del narco

“Anabel Hernández’s Los Señores del Narco was explosive when it was published in Mexico in 2010. The investigation into the country’s drug cartels and their links with the highest echelons...

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