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AFTER PARIS (and Istanbul)

  Roberto Cipriani is a full professor of Sociology at the Università Roma Tre. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Berkeley, and visiting professor at the University of Sao Paulo, at the Laval University and at the University of Buenos Aires. He...

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Public Sociology

Why Universities Must Choose One Telos: Truth or Social Justice

  Aristotle often evaluated a thing with respect to its “telos” – its purpose, end, or goal. The telos of a knife is to cut. The telos of a physician...

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Social and Economic Inequalities

Why the media is a key dimension of global inequality

  Every day, much of humanity now holds in its hands the means to connect and be connected across the world: to family, entertainment and the broadcasts of corporations, states...

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Gender and Human Rights

Research: 95% Gender Sociology Papers Deny Biological Differences

  Despite years of research documenting biological differences between men and women, only 5 per cent of the most cited gender sociology papers acknowledge differences exist, a senior sociologist has...

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Social Justice & Democratization

The Last Stand Against Populism

  JERUSALEM – There was a time, immediately after German reunification in 1990, when many French feared Germany. Today, the roles are reversed. But Germans are not afraid so much of France...

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