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Shooting Schengen

September 19, 2015 The Economist Only an EU-wide agreement on asylum can save passport-free travel in Europe.  WHAT happens at Europe’s borders often telegraphs momentous change. The Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948 foreshadowed the cold war. The scrapping of a Hungarian fence on the...

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Public Sociology

Public Sociologies Symposium from Boston College

Public Sociologies: A Symposium from Boston College which combines theory and practice of public sociology http://burawoy.berkeley.edu/PS/Social%20Problems.pdf

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Social and Economic Inequalities

The End Game: How Inequality Shapes Our Final Years

Author:                       Corey M. Abramson Publication Date:         June 2015 Publisher:            ...

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Gender and Human Rights

Human rights: What is China accused of?

By Camila Ruz Date: October 21, 2015 Source: BBC News Magazine China’s human rights record has been criticised for years. The UK government has been urged to bring up concerns...

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Social Justice & Democratization

Is Latin America’s peaceful revolution in retreat?

  The continent’s recent economic slowdown should not reverse the fight for social justice and greater democracy By:         Guillaume Long Date:      October 16, 2015 Source:  Aljazeera America The dominance of...

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